Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Need a new Power Song

One cool little trick my snazzy ipod/nikeplus pedometer allows me to do is set a "Power Song". This is the song I can call on during a run for some added inspiration by just holding the center button of my ipod for a couple seconds. Right now, I'm almost embarrassed to say, that my Power Song is currently set to Jesse McCartney's "Leavin'".

Alright! Alright, already!

Maybe once you're finished snickering, you can help me out with some Power Song Suggestions.

Just to give you an idea, let me tell you my past Power Songs. Which I'm no longer too embarassed to share, after the doozy I just pulled earlier. In the past, I've used R.Kelly's "World's Greatest" and Kanye West's "Stronger".

Also, Nikeplus pulled out of their database the top 10 Power Songs of all Nikeplus users. However, they might need to refresh their query for 2008. This one's from November 2007:

1. Eye of the Tiger
2. Pump it
3. Here it Goes Again
4. Lose Yourself
5. Stronger
6. Till I Collapse
7. SexyBack
8. Remember the Name
9. Gonna Fly Now
10. Move Along

So, what Power Song should I use for October/November?? Feel free to comment with your suggestions! Who knows, maybe next month, I just might be rockin' the road with your song choice.

Oh, and in case you, like me, just can't get enough of good ol' J. Mac, here's the Leavin' video for you: