Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Something new

Is it possible? Am I about to get bit by the training bug again?


It's getting to that time of year in Arizona when the weather is more cooperative. It may just be the end of those 90 degree dawns and I can finally run in decent weather. I went from running 50 miles in June to just 12 in July. Of course vacation traveling as well as heat may have contributed to that lack of mileage.

Anyway, September and cooler weather is just around the corner. I think it's time to celebrate this with a new challenge.

The 2009 Nathan Tempe Triathlon
Sunday, September 27th

I want to start training for the Sprint Triathlon:
750 meter swim
16 mile bike
3.3 mile run

I've got a lot going against me right now, though. Let's see...

1. Starting a 13 week training program in the middle of week 7
2. I gotta get a gym membership for swimming and indoor training, since it's still hot
3. No road bike. I've got a mountain bike, but I would prefer a road bike.
4. Fear of riding my bike in actual streets. YIKES!!

Aside from that, I'm up for a new challenge.