Monday, September 22, 2008

Healthy Energy

I signed up for a free 2 week trial of FRS Healthy Energy. I'm trying to get away from the diet Rock Star I've been drinking the last couple of weeks. This, after a hallucinogenic dream involving Las Vegas, Susan Sarandon and hermaphrodites. I'd rather not get into it. Let's just say the therapist has been called.

In my pack, I received:
30 lemon-lime chews
14 packets of powdered drink mix, diet orange flavored, 10 calories 2 g carbs
1 can FRS peach mango drink
10 oz concentrate drink, enough for 5 drinks.

I've been using the concentrate and yesterday tried the chews on my run.

So far, I haven't sensed the energy from using the concentrate, but it may be due to my giving blood on Saturday.

During my 8 mile run, I tried the chews. My pace was slower than usual, but again I attribute that to the blood donation and the heat. The chews however, were much better than the Clif Bar Shot Bloks I usually take on my long runs.

The taste was bearable and the texture much better than the gummy chew which I remember almost choking on during an 18-miler last year. The Clif Bloks remind me of the gel candies that were recalled back in 2002 because 6 children died from choking on them. Also, the FRS chews are 60 calories less per serving than the Clif Bloks.

Anyway, what is up with Clif bar misspelling everything? Is that supposed to be cool and cutting edge?

I've still got 10 days left in the trial before they start sending auto-shipments. I might just have them ship the chews and some drinks for the first month then cancel. That should be enough to last me through training.

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Austin Texas Business said...

I only drink the concentrate of the mixes (not a fan of the chews or the drinks). IMO, the energy, uplift, etc is an ongoing thing --- when my body needs, the energy is there. Remember, its not a Rockstar / redbull drink --- its not going to immediately give you energy --- it helps the body in a different way.
Good luck