Wednesday, May 27, 2009

San Diego Harbor

I just wanted to post some pics from my San Diego Harbor run on Memorial Day. It was nice to be able to sleep in. I didn't get out on to Harbor Bay Drive until 9 AM. By that time temperatures could be high 70s in Scottsdale. I only ran 30 minutes so we wouldn't miss the Sheraton's Breakfast Buffet.

Today was actually day 12 of my running streak and I'm feeling it in my legs. Instead of running at 6 AM this morning, I waited until after work to give my legs a few more hours to recover. We were over 90 degrees today, so I to hit the dreadmill.

To save money, we actually canceled our gym membership. But there's a public gym at McDowell Mountain that cost only $2/visit. Perfect for those days I need a treadmill or want to work on the machines.

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Lance said...

San Diego is SO beautiful. My girlfriend and I returned a couple weeks ago from SD/La Quinta. I was able to run along the ocean from our hotel (The Sofia) on Broadway. I could definately get used to that lifestyle.