Thursday, April 29, 2010

Baby Steps

I know! I know! I'm starting off this yoga kick pretty slowly. I have yet to do ONE sun salutation since my decision to follow this path. But, this is not to say that I am not committed. In fact just today, I registered for Yoga Journal's 15th annual Yoga conference in Estes Park, CO.

Yep, September 23rd - September 26th, I'll be up in the Rockies breathing in that fresh mountain air and doing sun salutations to my hearts content. I've got 5 months to get going.

Now, to start picking classes for the conference...

Should I start with "Dancing with Shiva and Shakti" or "Backbends - Melt your heart. Blow your Mind"?

Actually, I will be starting Yoga classes next week. This week, I'm still doing my running since I've got a race on Saturday. The running won't stop because of the yoga, though. I'll just have to find the time to do both. Maybe there's a class on balance I can take, too...

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