Saturday, June 12, 2010

A Vacation from the Work Out Routine

Since I last wrote, I bought a yoga package from my local yoga studio and took about 4 classes. I was able to try out different instructors to get to know their teaching styles. One even broke out his guitar during savasana (a relaxing posture intended to rejuvenate the body, mind and spirit at then end of practice) and he sang us a couple songs.

Speaking of Savasana...for those of you that are yoga newbies like me, hearing these foreign words were somewhat intimidating. She wants me to do what?! Chaturanga? That sounds like a cha-cha-tango-merengue fusion dance. Yeah, I was intimidated, and at one point kinda thought it was a little pretentious and annoying for a teacher to refer to all the poses completely in their sanskrit name. But then I realized, maybe it's because I wasn't in a completely beginner class. Maybe I was being the pretentious one.

I think as you evolve your own yoga practice, you begin to respect the practice and immerse yourself in it. This respect and immersion would involve learning the language of yoga.

So after those 4 classes, things eventually got in the way, as things usually do. These things included VACATION!!! Woohoo! Which, unfortunately included a vacation from my work out routine. In the 10 days I was enjoying myself and stuffing my face, I did squat - No, not squats. Squat. Well, maybe on the third day of vacation I did run 1 1/2 miles down the South Yarmouth Coast of Cape Cod, walked out on a jetty and did some sun salutations, then ran the 1 1/2 miles back to the resort. Also, on the 7th day of vacation, I leisurely kayaked around Purity Spring Lake in New Hampshire to round out my "squat" amount of exercise on vacation. Please notice my emphasis on leisurely.

Now, it's back to business! My husband just introduced me to to find some like-minded people in my area. We found a great place for fitness classes nearby. We've taken some of the P90X classes with AZ Body Mechanics and in just two hours I will be taking their Beginner Body Ballet class. Hopefully, I can get more committed to this blog and let you know how it goes!!

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